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From the idea to create an animal clinic which international standards and professional level of veterinary services in Vietnam. The animal hospital that is ideally modern and has best practice would be.

  We aim to achieve for ending the sickness of the pet. In case of incurable condition, we will try our best to maintain good vital quality and suffer less.

  We provide information, knowledge and detail of the disease and sickness of the pet including laboratory results and treatment plan, to owner. Owner will able to understand their pet condition and can make discussion with veterinarian for the best treatment solution for the sake of their loved pet.

  We do love and care for the health of the pets.

From the inspiration to keep pet in good health with their beloved owner, we had established a comprehensive private pet clinic. We equipped with advanced medical tools and skillful Veterinary Services team. White Ocean Veterinary Clinic then began operated since July 1, 2016


“Be the first ranking pet clinic in Vietnam with international standard which will succeed and grow sustainably on the basis of customer and animal welfare“



Our goal is to help customer’s pets live long, happy and healthy lives. We believe that a key element to a healthy pet is a great relationship with your veterinarian. Everyone is committed to professional, caring, personalized service. Our hospital takes pride in our dedication to the highest standards in veterinary medicine. We have a full service hospital offering state-of-the-art veterinary medical technology.